Fall 2021 Director's Letter

Welcome to the Center for Academic Equity (CAE)! The Center for Academic Equity serves as an academic home for BIPOC, first-generation college, low-income, DACA, Undocumented, Queer and Trans, Posse, and College Track students. Through our work, we seek to represent the academic concerns of underrepresented students within Newcomb-Tulane College and foster a more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and socially just community at Tulane. 


This fall 2021, Tulane, New Orleans, and Southeastern Louisiana will address the difficulties posed by post-Hurricane Ida recovery and the continued battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. As we do so, The Center for Academic Equity will continue to engage questions of equity in the differential impacts on and disparate costs borne by already underserved populations. Our work will focus on helping students continue to pave their unique paths to academic excellence as they navigate these hurdles. 


The Center for Academic Equity will welcome three new staff members to help meet the challenges and opportunities present in this moment. Our newly staffed positions will include portfolios centered on expanding mentorship, growing student engagement, creating enriching student experiences, grant-making, and enhancing administrative functions within the Center. Together our full-time, graduate assistant, and undergraduate student staff will increase the reach of the CAE and allow us to make new strides in our shared vision of a more expansive and inclusive Tulane.