The Center for Academic Equity is the academic home for all BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, & Persons of Color) students. We are dedicated to supporting all BIPOC students in their academic, professional, and social endeavors. We strive to acknowledge that navigating a PWI (Predominately White Institution) can sometimes present its own challenges. We are here to help you navigate and advocate for you. Whether it be study abroad, research opportunities or campus services, no matter what questions you have, all Center staff are ready and willing to help you!

Specialty Programs:

Equity Speaker Series

The Center for Academic Equity strives to enhance the Tulane educational experience. This annual multi-day series takes place each spring semester. Many of our speakers are nationally and locally known activists, politicians, authors, professors, and community and organizational leaders. This program seeks to promote and encourage thoughtful reflection and dialogue on contemporary issues that many of our underrepresented students face daily on our campus.

Equity Thursdays

Equity Thursdays is an interactive weekly dine & discussion series hosted by the Center for Academic Equity. Each week CAE partners with members of the Tulane community in one of three formats; workshop, presentation, and discussion. As we dine over a delicious lunch, community leaders lead the group in a discussion or activity often creating awareness or bringing attention to current events or campus resources impacting our BIPOC populations here at Tulane.

BIPOC Faculty and Staff Panel

Representation is everything. The Center for Academic Equity recognizes that. This fall CAE will invite BIPOC faculty and staff members from across the campus to appear in panel discussion to answer your questions about campus resources and navigating Tulane as a whole.

Spring 2023 dates coming soon.