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Resource Lending Library

The Center for Academic Equity’s Resource Lending Library provides access to learning tools required on Newcomb-Tulane College course syllabi. These items may include but are not limited to textbooks, calculators, access codes, art and architecture supplies, and classroom response systems.

The program is open to all Newcomb-Tulane College students, and requests for course-based resources should be made by the end of the second full week of class. Requests will be reviewed, and allocations made on a first come first serve basis while funds last. The Resource Lending Library  will be open from January 18, 2022 until February 4, 2022. Please reach out to Brooklyn Jackson by email at bjackson4@tulane.edu for assistance. 

View the Resource Lending Library Catalog


Requirements for Resource Lending Library Use

Students who make use of the Lending Library are required to attend two public events hosted or co-sponsored by the Center for Academic Equity during the semester in which they have made a request. You can find information about upcoming events on our website’s programming page.

Identifying Attendance

CAE events: You should add the initials RLL to their name on the sign-in sheet for the events they attend to indicate your compliance with the attendance policy.

Co-sponsored events: For co-sponsored events, please forward a snapshot of your name with RLL initialed on the sign-in sheet or submit a selfie of yourself at the event and forward the email to cae@tulane.edu with the subject Resource Lending Attendance Record. Include the event title and date.

Application Submissions

To submit an RLL application, you will need to review the CAE Catalog and complete the RLL application on WaveSync. Upon completion, you will receive verification of your application’s receipt and wait for CAE approval. Your request will be approved, rejected, or marked as pending depending on demand. If you are approved, you will receive additional instructions by email regarding how to check out and/or pick up your RLL loan item.

Submit a Resource Lending Library Application

Students who require more than one item should fill out multiple WaveSync applications, one for each request. 

If you miss your pick-up window you may use the invitation you received to pick another checkout time. 

You will receive emails updating you on the status of your application(s) and/or your item’s arrival.

Return Policy

Students who make use of the Lending Library are required to return the borrowed item(s) before the last day of finals during the semester in which the request is made (unless permission is otherwise granted). Students who do not return RLL items will not be eligible for Resource Lending Library loans in the following semester and will not be eligible for summer funding for undergraduate research, internships, summer school, or study abroad from the Center for Academic Equity for one year.

Please return your course learning tool(s) to Richardson Hall 102 during regular business hours and designated RLL return office hours. Do not:

  1. Leave your RLL item outside the office door or unattended in the office.
  2. Have a friend return the borrowed item. Please be present to check your RLL resource item in and receive confirmation of your return. 

Returns are due by 5:00 PM CT on May 13, 2022 or sooner if you drop the course for which you borrowed the item. Information about requesting extensions will be communicated to RLL borrowers later in the semester. If you have any questions or concerns you may contact Brooklyn Jackson by phone (504) 314-7571 or email bjackson4@tulane.edu 


"Without the Resource Lending Library, I would not have been able to satisfy an unplanned interest and find my new love for psychology." -Araceli Castaneda.