First-Generation College Students

First Gen Day Celebration 1

First-generation college students at Tulane University have many reasons to be proud! You are one of the first members of your family to complete a bachelor’s degree, which is an incredible achievement.

A strong network of support can play a significant role in your academic accomplishments. At the Center for Academic Equity, it’s our job to empower you by connecting you to educational resources, summer grants, and opportunities for campus involvement.

First Gen Day Celebration

Who is a first-generation college student (first-gen)?

A first-gen student is a student whose parent(s) or guardian(s) do not have a four year university degree. They are still first-gen even if their sibling is attending college or graduating ahead of them.

Special Programs

First Gen Fridays

First-Gen Fridays

First-Gen Fridays is a monthly event series where we bring first-gen students together with first-gen faculty and staff, food, and community building activities to help create a foundation of support for all first-gen here at Tulane.