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Center for Academic Equity

Lines of identity intersect at the crossroads of excellence.


Center for Academic Equity
Housed in Newcomb/Tulane College, the Center for Academic Equity serves all self-identified underrepresented or non-traditional students. These communities include but are not exclusive to students of color, LGBTQ, and first-generation college scholars’ cohorts.
Students from these communities bring to the Tulane University student body, leadership, experiential wisdom, academic excellence, life skills, and important cultural and social perspectives. They drive Tulane University to fulfill its mission as an inclusive, multicultural, academically rich research institution.
Without student leaders who represent diverse identities, perspectives, and cultures, institutions of higher learning can easily reproduce homogeneity of thought as well as of knowledge. We are better educators, better people, more intellectually rigorous, and more representative of a democratic republic, as the number of under-represented students, increase on our campus.
Dr. Rebecca Mark