The Tulane Idea Symposium is an annual research conference which invites Newcomb-Tulane College undergraduates from the full breadth of disciplines housed within Tulane University to showcase the scientific rigor and creative talents they possess. Each year’s Symposium features a live poster gallery, research presentations, panel discussions, and the opportunity to connect with the featured student presenters!

For our participants, the Symposium offers guided experience in creating a completed research project and in presenting that project in a professional setting. The Idea Symposium fosters collaborative relationships between faculty mentors and students and reflects both the expanse and depth of scholarship and engagement at Tulane. This symposium is the culmination of many months of collaborative efforts with between students, faculty, and community members around a shared passion.

Message from Tulane University President Michael A. Fitts



Message from Dean Lee Skinner, Newcomb-Tulane College




Who can participate?

We invite any NTC student who is interested in presenting their work to the Tulane community to participate in our annual Symposium.

Who can attend?

We welcome all Tulane students, faculty, and staff to attend the Tulane Idea Symposium.

I am a presenter – where do I start?

Presenters can take a look at our Presenter Timeline to find out more information about specific dates and deadlines. Presenters can expect to begin receiving communications about the Idea Symposium in July of each year.

I have never done research or made a research poster – where do I start?

Presents, both with and without previous experience, can take a look at our Designing a Poster Presentation video for an introduction to creating a poster presentation. Live workshops will be made available to presenters in the Fall semester leading up to the Symposium. I think I could use some more help with creating my poster presentation. What can I do? Please set up an appointment with Gabriel, our Program Coordinator, to talk through any questions or challenges you are facing.

If I received a Center for Academic Equity Summer Grant, am I require to participate?

Any student that has received funds as a part of our Summer Unpaid Internship Stipend, Summer Research Fellowship, or Summer Study Abroad Scholarship is required to participate in the Tulane Idea Symposium the following Fall Semester. Summer School Scholarship recipients are not required to participate but are welcome to if they so choose.

What precautions are being taken to ensure COVID-19 safety?

We are doing our utmost to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the Tulane Idea Symposium. The Center for Academic Equity is complying with all Tulane safety standards for all of their events.