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ConnecTU Summer Experience FAQs

What is the Newcomb-Tulane Summer Experience or NTCSE?
The ConnecTU Summer Experience Program (formerly known as the Newcomb-Tulane Summer Experience or NTCSE) is a bridge program that provides students with early access to college life and intellectual engagement during the summer before they begin their journey as Newcomb-Tulane College undergraduates during the fall semester. Up to 30 students participate in the program each summer. Participants take introductory college courses for credit, attend weekly workshop series, explore the rich New Orleans culture, and begin to build a network of resources and friends all before the first day of class.
How much will it cost for me to attend the ConnecTU Summer Experience, and what is included in the program?

Selected participants will be responsible for covering the cost of their travel to and from their home to Tulane. Eligible students may apply for funding on a need-based should their families not be able to cover flight expenses. Please contact Program Director, Tomika Smith, tsmith51@tulane.edu  if accepted into the program to learn more. Upon your arrival on Tulane’s campus, there will be no program cost for student participants. All fees and expenses related to the program, such as tuition, books, and supplies will be covered by the Center for Academic Equity. This scholarship is valued at more than $10,000 per student.

How will the ConnecTU be different during the COVID-19 pandemic?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the ConnecTU Summer Experience Program will continue to provide students with the support needed to have a successful transition to college life. This assistance includes taking courses for credit, access to Tulane's academic advising center, an extended orientation to college life, and skills building needed to foster academic success. This year we plan to conduct ConnecTU in-person and will be adhering to the COVID-19 guidelines outlined by the university.  In response to this crisis, some program elements will move online, and others will occur in person in a social distance format.

Tulane University is committed to student safety, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, the ConnecTU staff will follow University guidelines in response to this evolving public health crisis. You can find more information on Tulane's COVID-19 response.

What classes will I take while participating?
  • Courage and the Life Examined (ENGL 1010), 4 credits
    • Writing Tier-1 core requirement
    • This course is take five days a week for one hour and 15 mins each day
  • Taylor Your Tulane (TYLR 1000), 1 credit
  • College Math Preparation (MATH 1001), 1 credit
    • This course will include a weekly lecture and lab
    • This course is taken three times a week for one hour each day

These intensive courses help students prepare for success in their undergraduate careers by developing critical thinking skills and engaging materials they will encounter throughout their time at Tulane.

How large will by classes be?

All courses will be administered by a Tulane faculty or staff member. The three ConnecTU courses will only include ConnecTU participants. At any given time you will have 15-30 students in one course and will enjoy small class sizes with significant faculty-student interaction.

How many students will be admitted into ConnecTU this year?

We accept approximately 27 students for the 2021 ConnecTU Summer Experience Program.

How do I apply?

Incoming first-year students in the Center for Academic Equity's cohort are invited to apply to the ConnecTU Summer Experience. College Track Tulane Partnership Scholars are required to participate in this summer program. Invited students can access their applications through the GreenWave portal. 

We will begin to accept applications for 2021 ConnecTU Summer Experience Program April 23-May 10, 2021. All student applicants are required to attend a ConnecTU interest meeting in addition to submission of an online application. If you are having trouble accessing this application, please reach out to your admissions counselor or email Tomika Smith, tsmith51@tulane.edu for more information. Participants who do not submit both a completed application and attend a ConnecTU interest meeting will not be considered for acceptance into our 2021 cohort.

Can I work during Summer Experience?

No. During the 2021 ConnecTU Summer Experience program, participants will not be permitted to work additional jobs or internships throughout the duration of the program. Between July 1-Aug 7, we encourage students to solely focus on their academics, immerse themselves into the full ConnecTU experience and focus on building connections here at Tulane. Students must commit about 40 hours per week to completing their coursework and dedicate 10-12 hours a week in social spaces working toward group team building goals. It is our hope to properly prepare you for the level of rigor that comes with taking courses at Tulane.

What are the benefits of participating in that NTCSE?

ConnecTU Summer Experience scholars earn six course credits, complete at least one core requirement, and build lasting friendships that propel them throughout their college career. They learn more about their campus and become experts on navigating Tulane before their first day of fall coursework. Students also get a profound sense of confidence from having mastered many of the skills central to academic success for first-year students by taking introductory courses in an engaging small class environment. These students will get a jump start to living in New Orleans and joining the Green Wave family.

When and what time are courses offered?

Students will begin taking courses on weekdays at 9:00 am and conclude by 1pm. All courses will be held in person. Each day students will attend 2 classes, leadership institute trainings and campus resource workshops. Students will commit to about 6-10 hours of synchronous learning each week, and about 30 hours to coursework done asynchronously. Additional details about the schedule will be shared during the interest meeting.

What if I cannot attend an interest meeting?

Please get in contact with the Program Director, Tomika Smith, tsmith51@tulane.edu prior to the application close date or the last interest meeting session to make necessary arrangements.


Please contact ConnecTU Program Manger Tomika Smith via email at tsmith51@tulane.edu with any questions or concerns.