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Grants and Fellowships

The Center supports students engaged in original undergraduate research, short-term study abroad experiences, summer school,  and unpaid internships with grants, scholarships, and stipends to cover some of the expenses associated with these experiences. Students reflect on and summarize their experiences; presenting the product of their work in the Center’s annual Idea Symposium showcasing research and creative activities. These opportunities provide students with windows into future careers by providing hands-on experiences in their chosen field as well as the knowledge and skills that can set students apart from other candidates for employment and graduate school admissions.

Summer Grants and Fellowships are open to full-time continuing undergraduate students enrolled in Newcomb-Tulane College.  2020 application dates for the following types of  awards will be announced during Fall Semester 2019.

Summer Research Fellowship

The Center for Academic Equity will award undergraduate research summer fellowships to outstanding applicants across any field of study at Tulane University. To be considered for a fellowship you must meet the minimum GPA requirement of 2.5, complete the application, and agree to participate in the Idea Symposium.

Summer Unpaid Internship Stipend

If you are applying for unpaid internships, you may request funding to cover living expenses. To be considered for this award, you must complete the application, have a minimum 2.5 GPA, show proof you have been accepted or are applying to an uncompensated internship, and agree to participate in the Idea Symposium. Your award, if received, is dependent on your securing the internship outlined in this application. The Center will distribute stipends in increments throughout the summer, and each installment is contingent on being in good standing with the internship program.

Summer Study Abroad

If you need bridge funds to support a summer study abroad experience you may apply for a grant from the Center for Academic Equity. Applicants must apply and be accepted to a study abroad experience through Tulane University’s study abroad department. To be considered, you must demonstrate the need for funding to participate in this experience. Applications must include a description explaining the connection between your proposed study abroad experience and your academic goals. You will present a summary of your study abroad experience at the Center for Academic Equity’s Research Colloquium in the fall semester.

Summer School Scholarship

If you require an additional course to keep abreast of your four-year graduation goals you may apply for a scholarship to Tulane University Summer School. You must demonstrate that the course is an essential component of your major course of study and that you need this course to meet your graduation goals.