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Hope Grant for Student-Led Program/Event

In spring 2018, 200 students, faculty, and staff from Tulane University participated in the annual PossePlus Retreat to discuss "Hope, Hate, and Race" in the United States. In doing so, Tulane joined a national discussion including more than 6,000 college students at 55 colleges and universities. The systems which created the fractured communities we see today did not occur by happenstance but instead required a multi-generational investment in policies and attitudes that create inequality. Creating a more equitable society likewise requires a positive investment.

The Center for Academic Equity Hope Grant offers that investment in student innovation on issues related equity and inclusion during the 2020-2021 academic year. Individuals, groups, student organizations, undergrads collaborating with faculty, staff, and graduate students may apply for grants to execute a program, project, or event designed to invest in creating a more equitable community at Tulane. 

Grant monies may be requested for speaker honorarium, catering, operational costs such as printing and office supplies, and all expenses related to the execution of the proposed program, project, or event. This grant will not provide a stipend or compensation for grant applicant(s).

Who Can Apply for the Hope Grant?

The Hope Grant is open to all full-time continuing Newcomb-Tulane College students.

Applications will available on the CAE Wavesync page and will be reviewed twice a semester. The current application cycle will open on February 15th, 2021, at 8:30 AM and closes on March 15th, 2021, at 5:00 PM. The maximum award is $500. You may email Dr. Paula Booke, Associate Director, Center for Academic Equity at pbooke@tulane.edu with any questions you may have.

What Should My Application Include?

You application should include three major components: The Big Idea, Budget, and Shared Outcomes.

The Big Idea

Describe the program, project, or event you propose. Be sure to include information about the intent, scope, timing, and audience.

Does this proposal stand alone, or does it belong to a series? If the project is a part of a series, explain its connection to the more significant effort.  How does this proposal create, promote, or enhance equity in our community? How will you know if you are successful?

A compelling proposal will have measurable outcomes and includes an assessment plan.


The maximum award is $500. Include a detailed and itemized budget that accounts for the total cost of the proposed program, project, or event. Be sure to justify expenses and connect them to the intent you articulated in The Big Idea section. Where applicable, include other sources of funding.

Shared Outcomes

You are required to share information related to your grant award and outcomes. Options for presenting include: participating in the Tulane Idea Symposium, discussing your outcome at an Equity Thursday event, or writing a 2-5-page report on your activity within 2 weeks of its completion.

Other strategies for distribution may be more appropriate, in your proposal describe your ideal method of sharing the knowledge gained and the impact of your work.

The Center’s Associate Director will work with you to identify the best way to communicate your outcomes to the wider Tulane community.

If accepted, how do I collect my funds?

Students who are funded by this program will work with the Center for Academic Equity to complete any necessary for disbursement of their award. All applicants will receive a follow-up survey after their award decision.