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Become a Posse Mentor

The POSSE Foundation selects students who show extraordinary academic and leadership potential to attend Tulane as multicultural teams (“posses”) of 10 students. 

2021 Applications for Mentoring in the 2022-2023 Academic Year

Posse and College Track

The Center for Academic Equity has launched its search for new mentors for College Track and Posse students in the class of 2026. Mentors must make to a two-year commitment but are ideally on hand to work with their students through their entire four years at Tulane.

  • College Track is a comprehensive college completion program that matches mentors with students from urban centers in Louisiana, California, Maryland, and Colorado and supports their academic success.
  • Posse is rooted in the belief that a small, diverse group of talented students can serve as a catalyst for individual and community development.
  • These programs identify students from diverse backgrounds, help them apply to selective universities, and help them persist in their academic studies and graduate.

Faculty mentors receive training and support from the Center from Academic Equity, as well as a stipend; Posse mentors are also provided a one-course teaching release each semester for the first two years.


Learn more about the Posse and College Track programs at Tulane through our website


Important dates

  • Information Session:
    • October 1, 2021, from 12:00 PM-1:00 PM: Join Zoom Meeting by requesting a link (email your request to llacey@tulane.edu)
    • October 6, 2021, from 5:00 PM-6:00 PM: Richardson 102E
  • Application due date: October 15, 2021, at 5 PM


Submit by email to Lovely Lacey (llacey@tulane.edu)

Position Description

As a mentor, you would conduct: 

  • Weekly Group Meetings. Mentors host weekly 2-hour workshops for all members of their Posse based on the and Posse curriculum. Mentors personalize the workshops and make adjustments based on the academic calendar.
  • One-on-ones. Each mentor meets biweekly with each member of their Posse for hour-long one-on-one conversations. These sessions are usually scheduled as five appointments each week.
  • Socials with Your Cohort. Mentors plan activities that allow students to bond and expose them to Tulane and New Orleans’s rich cultural heritage.
  • Graduation. Mentors are expected to attend the Posse Graduation (held at 10 AM on the Thursday before Commencement).
  • Weekly Local Posse Foundation Check-ins. Mentors schedule weekly discussions with the trainers in the local Posse office in the city from which Posse scholars originate.
  • Campus Visits with Local Posse Foundation. Mentors participate in all Posse Campus Visits in the fall and spring semesters.
  • Mentor Meetings and the Mentor Retreat with the CAE Team. Mentors participate in the Center for Academic Equity’s mentor development meetings in which everyone gets together to share their experiences, connect to campus resources, and find support for their role as mentors. The Center for Academic Equity also hosts a yearly retreat for all mentors in May. The retreat welcomes new mentors, provides an opportunity for fellowship and celebration while enhancing mentor training and planning for the new academic year.
  • PossePlus Retreat. Mentors attend the PPR held (late February/early March) each year. This three-day event includes workshops and activities with, Posse Scholars and Plusers (including non-posse students, faculty, and staff).



New Mentor Training

Required training for all new Posse Mentors at the Posse National Office in New York City. Posse hosts this training in June of each year.

Local Mentor Training

First and Second Year mentors attend local mentor training at the Posse office in the city from which their cohort originates. Posse hosts this training in July of each year.


First-year mentors attend a retreat with their Posse during the summer before they begin their time at Tulane.  The Posse office in the city from which the mentor’s Posse originates hosts this training which generally occurs during the month of July

On-Campus Training

The Center for Academic Equity provides ongoing mentor development through mentor meetings held biweekly throughout the academic year, and the Mentor Retreat held in May.