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Courses and Workshops


English 1010 Courage and the Examined Life (4 credits)

The purpose of English 1010 is to teach students to write clearly and to organize complex arguments that engage in a scholarly way with expert knowledge. Our particular section of English 1010 will achieve those objectives using readings by classical and contemporary authors who have thought deeply about courage and what it means to live a reflective life. These readings will be springboards for regular blog commentaries, in-class discussions, papers, and multiple revisions. We will work together as a discourse community to understand the readings and help each other to compose and revise various kinds of papers. Throughout the class we will develop effective critical thinking, argumentation, and rhetorical analysis skills.


New Orleans Race, Culture and Power (3 credits)

This class takes a thematic and interdisciplinary approach to New Orleans history and culture in the 300 years since the founding of the city by European colonizers in 1718.  Emphasis will be placed on contemporary understandings of this multicultural city, still marked by stark divisions along lines of class, ethnicity and race. 


MATH 1001 College Mathematics Preparation (1 Credit) 

An introduction to problem-solving and analytical reasoning along three different tracks, with an eye on preparation for future math courses at Tulane. The three tracks are calculus, calculus with precalculus review, and statistics. Emphasis will be placed on evaluating information given in a problem, breaking down complex problems into simpler components, developing multiple approaches to obtain the desired information, and assessing the feasibility of various approaches to solving the problem at hand, with examples chosen from the student's particular track.