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NTC Summer Experience

college track

The NTC Summer Experience invites scholars in College Track, Posse, and other students, to spend five weeks on Tulane’s campus prior to fall orientation. Students live in campus residence halls, take college-level English and math courses, meet with faculty and staff advisors, attend classes and participate in workshops. Facilitators and mentors introduce students to a wide range of support services and allied offices at Tulane including study abroad and the Honors Program. The NTC Summer Experience offers students a completely new perspective on the campus and the college experience. Student experiences extend beyond the classroom and include excursions beyond to sites outside the greater New Orleans area. These students engage in a host of activities and public service.

The Newcomb-Tulane College Summer Experience runs from June 28 through August 4th, 2017.

Program Content

English 1010
The purpose of English 1010 is to teach students to write clearly and to organize complex arguments that engage in a scholarly way with expert knowledge. Toward that end, students will learn to conduct independent bibliographic research and to incorporate that material appropriately into the sort of clear, complex, coherent arguments that characterize academic discourse. Our particular section of English 1010 will achieve those objectives using readings by classical and contemporary authors who have thought deeply about courage and what it means to live a reflective life. These readings will be springboards for regular blog commentaries, in-class discussions, papers and multiple revisions. We will work together as a discourse community to understand the readings and help each other to compose and revise various kinds of papers on those readings. Throughout the class we will develop effective critical thinking, argumentation, and rhetorical analysis skills as we work closely with John Trimble’s Writing with Style and regularly reference Diana Hacker’s Rules for Writers.

  • Introduction to College Math
  • News Courses and workshops for Summer 2017
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